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Little Next Door Brunch Is Beyond

Order Like Me At Little Next Door To Have DeathbedFood At Brunch I'm smitten with Little Next Door on W. 3rd Street in Los Angeles … [Read More...]


Get Slim On The DeathbedFood Diet

Guacamole Means Guilt Free Gluttony People ask all the time, “How can you eat all that DeathbedFood and stay so fit?” Call me a buzz kill … [Read More...]


Pasty Is A Heckuva Comfort Food

Yoopers Yoop For Pasty. You Will Too. Pasty | [pass-tee] noun A meat pie with rutabaga, potato and Crisco (aka LARD). A meal … [Read More...]


Little Next Door Has Daurade

Daurade is DeathbedFood at Little Next Door Again, my favorite French bistro in LA, Little Next Door, blew me away with DeathbedFood. This … [Read More...]

bourdain in n out

Bourdain Loves In-N-Out. So What?

Yes, Tony, There Is More To LA Than In-N-Out BREAKING (not): Anthony Bourdain loves In-N-Out. It's his favorite spot in LA. Tony waxes … [Read More...]

chipotle gladwell

Chipotle Cultivates Food For Thought With Bill Hader

Bill Hader’s Recipe Can Inspire Fast Food Bosses I’m in the food court. Tired from standing in Chipotle’s line that’s as long as the … [Read More...]

Little Door duck mousse

DeathbedFood Alert: The Little Door

To Die For Duck Liver Mousse The Little Door on W. 3rd Street has been around for over 18 years. That's almost a Century in LA restaurant … [Read More...]

Photo: laist; Prince & NPG

Prince Bans Phones | Why Restaurants Should Too

This Food Blogger Says No To Phones In Restaurants (Sometimes) I missed a blowout on Saturday. According to laist.com, Prince played … [Read More...]

mayor v filling pothold

Roadway Hazard Food Fixes

How Cheese, ROCKSTAR and Sriracha Can Help This winter, America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin, is using mozzarella cheese to de-ice its roads. … [Read More...]

nook mac and cheese

A Memorial Tribute To Bandera Mac & Cheese

Bandera Mac, RIP We’re gathered here today to remember our beloved BANDERA Mac & Cheese. I’ll never forget the words, “Oh, sorry, … [Read More...]

Pop -tarts

Pop-Tart Shenanigans

Adventures In Cooking With Pop-Tarts “Rachel, so glad you could come over today.” “Thanks Diane. Me, too. Can’t wait for you to show … [Read More...]

My Jasmine

Sara Lee Demotes Digital Twin To Digital Spam

Open Email Follow Ups With Sara May 15 Dear Sara:  It’s been a month since I applied. I'm still excited to be considered for the … [Read More...]

Babies in Bars? (Photo: NY Times)

Baby Bodhi’s Diaper Change In Restaurant

Cheers to Better Babies in Restaurants I am a Foodie. I go to restaurants. Babies should not be allowed in restaurants. Things have … [Read More...]

Rachel Zoe (Photo: rz site)

Gluttony Pride, Revised

Join the "Gluttony is Great" Movement (A Writing Class Revision) Dateline 8/1/13: As your DeathbedFood® Blogger is currently taking a … [Read More...]

hash at Cooks County

Cooks County Restaurant Scene of LA Hashcapade

Got Hash? LA's Cooks County Sure Does As a long-standing, card-carrying member of Team Hash, I was thrilled when Clark Haass asked me to … [Read More...]

Zaytinya Olive Oil

Jose Andres’ Zaytinya Wows On Washington DC Food Tour

Zaytinya Has A New Groupie In Me Concluding my Jose Andres Washington DC tour after Oyamel and Jaleo was Zaytinya, his homage to Turkish, … [Read More...]

jaleo olives r

With Jose Andres’ Jaleo, I Ate At El Bulli – Sort Of!

Thanks To Jose Andres, I Got A Taste of El Bulli After All After dinner at Oyamel, stop #2 of our Jose Andres Washington DC tour was … [Read More...]

oy jose fries

Jose Andres Elevates Mexican Cuisine at Oyamel

Oyamel's Take on Mexican Kicks Off My Washington DC Tour When I found out I was going to Washington DC recently, my first thought was, … [Read More...]

grits, sausage and eggs

Milo & Olive Among Best Brunch Spots in LA

Milo & Olive Has Me Loving Grits, Sausage, Smoked Salmon - Even Cabbage! Milo & Olive never ceases to impress me. I can totally … [Read More...]

my last supper for feature

DeathbedFood Is NOT My Last Supper

Not About Your Final Meal ... When I first started DeathbedFood®, I was really confused by the answers I got from chefs whom I asked, … [Read More...]